Quick Answer: What Is The Synonyms Of Continuing?

What is the synonyms for remarkable?


What is a good synonym for remarkable?

Some common synonyms of remarkable are conspicuous, noticeable, outstanding, prominent, salient, and striking.

What is a word for continuing?

In this page you can discover 64 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for continuing, like: maintaining, carrying-on, chronic, lasting, lingering, continuing, on-going, ongoing, persevering, advancing and progressing.

What is the meaning of recommence?

1 intransitive : to undergo a new beginning : start or commence again The search recommenced early the next morning in more favorable weather conditions with gentle winds and no waves.—

What is the opposite of remarkable?

remarkable. Antonyms: unremarkable, unnoticeable, ordinary, mean, commonplace, everyday, undistinguished.

What is a better word for was?

What is another word for was?appearedbecamelookedseemedcame to behad beenhas beenhave beenturned out to bewere2 more rows

What is the opposite word of continue?

Antonyms for continue reject, condemn, depart, refuse, decrease, stop, go, abbreviate, leave, take back, quit, retreat, ignore, shorten, halt, retrogress, desist, discontinue, finish, end, complete, move, cease.

What is the synonym and antonym of continue?

kənˈtɪnjuː) Allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature. Synonyms. sustain retain keep keep on keep up persist in prolong. Antonyms. disagree defy surrender exclude start.

How do you use continuing in a sentence?

Continuing sentence examplesHe’s fully committed to continuing this adventure. … He nodded, continuing to dry the pan. … “You look for Alex?” she asked, continuing before Carmen could respond.More items…

What is the definition of continue?

intransitive verb. 1 : to maintain without interruption a condition, course, or action The boat continued downstream. 2 : to remain in existence : endure The tradition continues to this day. 3 : to remain in a place or condition : stay We cannot continue here much longer.

What’s the meaning of remarkable?

: worthy of being or likely to be noticed especially as being uncommon or extraordinary.